B-Line, Narrabeen Carpark and Plaza

Narrabeen Carpark and Plaza is a key component of the Northern Beaches Bus B-Line transport infrastructure project, a NSW Government initiative which provides reliable, regular and high capacity public transport options from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to the CBD. Located between Pittwater Road and South Creek, the project included upgrading the existing at-grade carpark (adding approximately 40 car spaces), relocating the basketball court, adding new public toilet and bicycle parking facilities, and upgrading the active transport path from Pittwater road into Berry Reserve. As well as providing amenity and connecting the carpark with its current and future urban context, these initiatives respond to the heritage bus stop/tram shed and biodiversity in the local area. 

The Narrabeen Carpark site is located in a tidal area exposed to flooding during heavy rainfall, so plant choice was paramount. Incorporation of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) initiatives including raingardens between the carparking bays to collect storm water runoff, absorb it and filter it before releasing into the sewer system. The edges of the carparking bays include slotted kerbs or no kerbs to ensure that water can fall into the soft landscape areas. Plant species were chosen to withstand temporary flood inundation which also ensured that mature native trees could be retained.