Glenwood Community Hub

Expanding the 2004-built Glenwood Neighbourhood Centre increased its capacity from a 140 person single-use hall, to a multi-purpose facility with a 250 person hall that accommodates use by up to six separate groups.

With an emphasis on families and youth, Glenwood accommodates health and wellbeing activities with recreational, business, cultural event and learning facilities.

A cohesive new identity was forged with a ribbon-like canopy framing entry lobbies, and weaving together old and new building sections. Landscaping and an art installation by local practitioner, Nerine Martini embeds the building with the local community. 


    Blacktown City Council


    Glenwood, NSW

  • YEAR



    1,850 m²


    $5.5 million

    Sandeep Amin

Much of the existing building was retained and integrated with either altered or new uses, with the Hub being designed for full accessibility, and flexibility to cater for the area’s changing demographics.

The architectural challenge was to resolve issues around acoustics, heat load and outlook courtesy of the original hall’s siting, facing north towards a car park. The solution was a mitigating art garden that funnels cool air into the hall, buffers noise and offers shade. Other climate strategies include the naturally ventilated interior, high performance glazing and solar hot water.

Importantly, the centre was kept operational during reconstruction. The area between old and new buildings became the connecting circulation spine, incorporating a café at the entrance lobby to the new main hall.