Voytek Trzebiatowski


Taking a European approach to design quality and aesthetics; my design solutions emphasis functionality, comfort and wellbeing to foster a positive passenger experience in contemporary aviation buildings.

A senior design architect specialising in transport infrastructure, Voytek crafts elegant and innovative design solutions that optimise practical efficiencies and embrace the human experience. With extensive knowledge of airport operations, he relishes tackling and resolving the complex logistical and procedural challenges unique to contemporary aviation.


Leading projects with a collaborative approach, Voytek has successfully managed mid and large size teams, including consultant coordination. During his 20-year career, he has delivered numerous significant transport infrastructure and aviation projects and civic, industrial and multi-residential buildings.


His design approach is underpinned by strong technical understanding and meticulous documentation quality. Skilled in BIM, Voytek also has excellent hand drawing skills which he finds useful for communicating project concepts and refining details.