New Principals and Associates in the Sydney Office

We are proud to announce four new Principals and Associates in the DesignInc Sydney team: Paul Wallace, Miriam Enoch, Joyce Lim and Paul Rea.

Studio News | Sydney

17 June 2020

Collectively, our new leaders bring a wealth of experience across architecture, landscape design and project management with expertise in the transport and infrastructure sectors.

We are particularly proud to continue our promotion of women in leadership roles at DesignInc Sydney. As part of our commitment to the Male Champions of Change program, we work hard to ensure diversity and inclusion across all of our employees, and particularly within our leadership team.

My design process starts with imagining the users in the space; contemplating the purpose of the building guides my ambition to marry spatial and atmospheric considerations with the functional requirements.
Paul Wallace, Principal (Transport), DesignInc Sydney
With the idea that by creating new and sustainable landscapes I can influence people’s feeling for the value of natural environments, I aim to contribute to a more sustainable future.
Miriam Enoch, Associate (Landscape), DesignInc Sydney
Working closely with the client and outside the comforts of our DesignInc team makes us push for better design outcomes.
Joyce Lim, Associate (Transport), DesignInc Sydney
All metro systems essentially share the same DNA; finessing the architecture is vital to a transit system working efficiently, being safe and loved by the community and creating a positive impression of a city.
Paul Rea, Associate (Transport), DesignInc Sydney