Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre [VCCC]

The new design is to be symbolic and respresentative of the bringing together of the project partners, of the creation of new networks and clusters of collaboration. The building will have an image that is expressive of optimism and progress.

About the Facility
The new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre facility will be located in the Melbourne suburb of Parkville, the heart of Melbourne’s research and biomedical precinct. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health and The University of Melbourne comprise the building partners for this exciting project. The project will provide a brand new home for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and new cancer research and clinical services for Melbourne Health (including the Royal Melbourne Hospital), new cancer research facilities for The University of Melbourne and new education facilities for all building partners. A key feature of the new building is the central atrium. Light-filled and extending up through the centre of the structure, the atrium is an intuitive way finding solution and will assist visitors and staff to orient themselves and navigate the building. Clinical floors will be located on the lower levels of the facility, making the patient’s journey via stairs or lift simple and direct.

Vision for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
The vision for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is to save lives through the integration of cancer research, education and patient care. Through innovation and collaboration, the VCCC will drive the next generation of improvements in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

New Discoveries Translate to New Treatments
The VCCC will be committed to translating results from basic and clinical research to a high quality, seamless patient journey. While medical researchers investigate the most fundamental causes of cancer, biotechnologists and clinical researchers explore ways this knowledge can be applied, giving patients access to the latest experimental protocols. The comprehensive range of cancer services integrated with world-class research and education programs will enable the VCCC to accelerate the development of new cancer treatments that will benefit the entire Victorian cancer system and beyond. Regional cancer services will be improved even further through the education and training opportunities available through the VCCC for research and health professionals.

A World of Difference
Most importantly, the VCCC will foster belief in a future where many cancers can be survived and more cures are within reach. Excellence in cancer research and treatment will enable the VCCC to make a very real difference to the lives of patients and their families.

An Interactive Hub
An interactive hub, located between the research laboratories on the upper floors and the clinical and dry research areas on the lower floors, is at the centre of the building on Level 7. The hub includes a cafe, a landscaped roof deck, meeting rooms and informal lounge areas and breakout spaces, promoting the impromptu interactions that generate ideas and broad thinking. The hub will also feature one of the three bridge links to visit The Royal Melbourne Hospital, further enhancing the interactions between clinicians and researchers.

The VCCC Facility
The new facilities will include:
160 overnight inpatient cancer beds
A 42-bed capacity intensive care unit
110 same-day beds
A dedicated clinical trials unit with 24 treatment places
Eight refurbished medi-hotel beds, with additional space for overnight accommodation for families of country patients
Over 25,000 square metres of specialised research space
Eight operating theatres and two procedure rooms
Eight radiation therapy bunkers, and
Education and training facilities.

DesignInc (in association with Silver Thomas Hanley and McBride Charles Ryan as sthDI+MCR) will deliver this world class cancer facility as part of the Plenary Health consortium.

In Progress


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