Victoria Harbour Commercial

This three level mixed-use development is located in Melbourne’s Docklands. The building is orientated to maximise northern exposure, with its narrow elevations to the east and west minimising solar impact. The commercial floor plate depth north to south is 15 metres, maximising daylight penetration; and the building height is minimised to avoid overshadowing a neighbouring childcare on the retail podium.

The street elevations are composed of a glass curtain wall system, with a staggered pattern of clear, translucent and opaque panels.

In front of this curtain wall is an integrated sunshade system of vertical and horizontal deep shades. This system is carried around onto the eastern and western facades, with half of the western façade composed of solid insulated panels to minimise solar gain. The shade elements ensure that the translucent and clear glass facades are completely shaded for the summer half of the year, greatly reducing the solar heat gain.

The project is committed to achieving high environmental ratings and performance through its design and construction.


Environmental sustainability is a key platform for the new Victoria Harbour retail development. Natural ventilation, natural light and the use of environmentally sensitive materials are key criteria in the architectural design. Retailers are encouraged to consider environmentally sustainable initiatives in their fit-out design and business operation. This could be in the form of organic waste recycling (food tenancies), the use of recyclable or environmentally sensitive materials or the smart use of lighting that is highly efficient rather than high wattage.



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