Victoria Gardens Shijiazhuang

The master plan for a residential community in this northern city of China required the integration of a 134,000 sqm retail shopping centre, 90,000 sqm of 5 star serviced apartments, and 56,000 sqm office towers.

The site is located in a new suburb in the south of Shijiazhuang, with the prestigious Ti Yu Street to the west boundary, the new regional local government complex to the north boundary, and the new sports complex to the east boundary. The south boundary links to the main traffic arterial, The South of the Second Circle.

The residential towers accommodate 3700 units divided among 11 tower of varying heights from 24 to 28 storeys above the podium retail. All units are arranged with cross flow ventilation and warm south facing balconies. Large open areas of landscape is provided between the towers, and mid tower Winter Gardens are provided for each.

The towers are equipped with power generating wind turbines, roof top solar collectors, chilled beams pre-cooled by thermal mass ceilings, and phase change plant for re-cooling.

The product is the result of a client’s desire for state of the art in sustainability together with DesignInc ingenuity.


Shijiazhuang, China

Sunshine international Capital Ltd.