University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Science

This project involved relocating the University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Science and associated research facilities to the University’s city campus. As part of the relocation, the existing science building was refurbished together with two street frontages, one facade facing a very busy main road.

The redesign dedicates the ground floor to University functions, including the Union Gym and Traditional Chinese Medicine suite. The lower floors house the undergraduate courses and general university teaching spaces. The upper floors provide rooms for the faculty’s post-graduate research divisions and their associated research institutes, as well as offices for researchers and faculty staff. Glasshouses and an animal house are located at roof level.

The new façade unifies the existing building and its extensions. The laboratory services are reticulated through exposed ductwork on the facades of the building and they also provide additional sun shading to internal spaces. All building faces exposed to direct sunlight have horizontal sun shading.

This is a major addition to the University of Technology which has brought new life to an ageing former commercial area of Sydney.


New South Wales

University of Technology Sydney