The University of Adelaide Ingkarni Wardli building (formerly Innova21)

Innova21, the University of Adelaide’s new $100 million building for the Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Science has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star Education (V1) rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. This makes it the first project in Australia to achieve a 6 star rating under the Green Star Education v1.0 tool.

The eight storey, 14,000m2 Innova21 building incorporates a range of environmentally sustainable features that complement the design that helped the University achieve its impressive rating as a world leader.

The building respects and enhances the character of the precinct through a contemporary and distinctive design. Important elements of passive design such as the sun shading devices as well as active elements such as the thermal chimneys on the north façade of the building define the building’s character.

Key innovative elements include the use of Active Slab technology (hydronic cooling loops within the concrete floor slabs) combined with an Under Floor Air Distribution System utilising 100% fresh air ventilation, providing a healthy and comfortable internal environment. Heat rejection from the Computer Server rooms to the ground is achieved via Geothermal loops incorporated into the basement diaphragm wall. The building also has a low E double glazed curtain wall; a programmable (DALI) lighting system and a building management system (BMS) designed to reduce Energy consumption.

Another key sustainable technology is the Tri Generation Plant located at the roof level that will provide electricity, heating and cooling for the whole building, saving energy and with ongoing cost savings.

There is an extensive rainwater harvesting system with 500,000 litre underground rainwater storage tanks. The collected water is used for toilet flushing & irrigation within the building.

These technologies within the building will be monitored via the BMS, this data will be available to students so that the building itself becomes a teaching tool in terms of its Environmentally Sustainable Design.

Materials selection as well as the furniture, fittings and equipment within the building were selected in relation to their Eco preferred content, as well as minimal PVC and formaldehyde content.

An exhibition space has been incorporated to the south of the building in an area that was previously a car park as part of a link to the existing Engineering faculty buildings. This space is roofed with an Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (ETFE) inflated roof membrane; another example of innovative material technology in use in this building.

Innova21 satisfies the University of Adelaide’s need for contemporary staff accommodation and Computer Aided Teaching facilities with the high indoor environmental quality criteria established by the Green Star Education Tool. These design imperatives were achieved whilst integrating this modern building within the context of the heritage aspects of the University of Adelaide campus.


South Australia

The University of Adelaide


Australian Institute of Architects 2011 SA Architecture Awards - Sustainable Architecture Award

Australian Institute of Architects 2011 SA Architecture Awards - Public Architecture Commendation

UNAA World Environment Day Awards 2012 – Green Building Award