The University of Adelaide BioSkills Medical School

The University of Adelaide engaged DesignInc to consolidate and refurbish existing basement spaces within their medical school into a state of the art Bioskills centre to attract world leaders in this area of medical research and teaching.

Introducing a sense of warmth, light and vibrancy was a key aim in order to lessen the dark clinical atmosphere usually associated with this type of environment. Warm colours, transparency, timber and stainless steel combine to achieve this goal.

The introduction of blood red through transition areas and within the integrated environmental graphics and signage (also designed by DesignInc) embodies the vitality of the design. Earthy greys were selected to soften the impact of the red whilst providing a subtle backdrop to the flexible open plan teaching laboratories.

Full size digital imagery of the human body’s internal workings to the viewing rooms sliding doors act as privacy screens and overlay teaching tools. Given the basement’s ceiling height, overhead cameras and monitors ensure all students have the ability to visually access the teaching zones.


South Australia

The University of Adelaide