Sydney International Terminal Car Park

The Multi Storey Car Park located to the front of the International Terminal is the first of 2, possibly 3 multi storey car parks that. It is part of an overall master plan to manage the forecast transport needs of the airport and free the remaining land for development into a business community, enjoying new boulevards, bridge-links, and open space, with strong connections to the terminal activities and to the future of Cooks River.

DesignInc provided the initial designs and assistance in the feasibility study and documentation for planning approval. DesignInc’s role continued in the preparation of performance documents for D&C tender and that follow in teaming up with the successful contractor under the D&C contractual arrangement in preparation of contract and construction documents and providing construction services.

This proposal is for 9 storeys with provision to go up to 12. Its square footprint covers 110m x 110m and house over 350 cars on a typical floor. The state of the art double helix ramp has been modified by compressing the ramps into straight runs with circular turns at each level to provide ascent and descent through 360° over two levels. This results in reduction of unusable space along the ramps perimeter. The long span structure with a 17m grid provides flexibility in the layout of the car park. High efficiency would still be maintained if the car bay sizes were to be changed for future needs.

As an open deck car park the structure must be cross ventilated at each level on at least two opposing sides. The provision for the installation of large impermeable advertising panels requires our proposal to provide an innovative and highly efficient approach to the installation of façade wall panels to eliminate the requirements for mechanical ventilation and to satisfy statutory definitions of an open deck car park.


New South Wales

Abigroup/Sydney Airport Corp