St. Joseph’s College

The College was established in Hunter’s Hill in 1821 and is currently the largest boarding school in Australia. The heritage listed campus is dominated by the original Main Building, a magnificent sandstone structure constructed between 1882 and 1894. The design of the new buildings respond to the character and form of the main Building through the use of contextual materials like sandstone used in an innovative way, building plan forms that reinforce the central axis and window openings that reflect the original façade geometry.
This project comprised a three staged building program which involved the design, documentation and construction of three significant new dormitory buildings, two houses, three basketball courts and eight cricket nets. Minimal disruption was achieved by designing, the new buildings to a large degree independent of the existing facilities such that they only touched at points of vertical access and by ensuring the construction was programmed to be completed during the main Christmas breaks. A degree of individuality for each of the large number of boarders was addressed through the introduction of a non rectilinear plan forms that introduced curved walls, varied façade window geometry’s, expressive large skylights and cut backs in the second floor slab creating two storey voids in parts of the dormitory facilities. These designed variations, eliminated rows of beds in large spaces by creating more intimate and varied spaces.


Hunter's Hill
New South Wales

St. Joseph’s College