Royal Adelaide Hospital

DesignInc is part of the SA Health Partnership consortium that will deliver the new world class and patient focussed Royal Adelaide Hospital. Scheduled to be completed and occupied by 2016, the new hospital has been designed to cater for 800 beds including 100 same-day beds, with the capacity to admit more than 80,000 patients per year. In addition, there are 40 technical suites (operating theatres); Gardens and green spaces; Food Court and Retail Precinct; Gymnasium and Creche; Non-dedicated shared blue (work) space; Flexible areas; Teaching Zones.
It will be South Australia's greenest hospital with numerous environmentally sustainable design initiatives incorporated into the design. New technologies, innovative facilities and state of the art equipment will provide the highest quality treatment and care for patients.
The new hospital’s design includes:
• 100% single inpatient rooms with ensuites, opening windows, natural light and access to outdoor areas and green space
• 40 technical suites (operating theatres)
• Technology features including patient weighing beds, wireless technology and equipment tracking capability, and intelligent information systems such as bedside entertainment and meal ordering for patients
• Gardens and open green spaces throughout the site providing spaces for relaxation and healing
• Advanced IT systems to improve patient safety and provide improved clinical and patient information
• A fleet of automated vehicles to help move equipment and supplies around the hospital
• An underground car park with more than 2300 bays
• A commercial precinct including a crèche, mini-mart, restaurant, cafes, gymnasium and post office.
The hospital is designed around "a journey to health", providing for short journeys between surgery treatment and recovery areas, and for clinical care to be brought to the patient in their own single bedrooms. Each bedroom is designed to create a healing environment with an emphasis on privacy, passive surveillance, the opportunity to display artwork, and a place for visiting family to stay. This patient focus is all about providing a more pleasant experience, aiding recovery and focusing on safe patient care.
The journey for staff, patients and visitors of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be strengthened by art integrated into the design. Art in many forms will be thoughtfully woven through the fabric of the facility through the key themes of: Water, Flora, Earth, Cultural Diversity and ATSI to create a unique sense of ‘a hospital within a park, a park within a hospital’.
The following green initiatives have been incorporated into the design of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital: Rainwater and stormwater harvesting to be used to offset potable water requirements (used for toilet flushing etc.); High efficiency water fittings throughout the hospital; Extensive water metering and reporting strategy to identify and manage water consumption; Water sensitive landscaping; Water efficient thermal plant.
There will be 50% target reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to equivalent hospitals; A tri-generation system (with absorption chillers) will utilise waste heat from energy generators to provide heating and cooling to the building. This system will also provide significant greenhouse gas reductions and a peak load reduction of 35%; Optimised orientation of buildings to minimise solar thermal loads; Extensive daylight penetration to reduce artificial lighting requirements; Extensive energy metering and reporting strategy to identify and manage energy consumption.
High levels of natural daylight penetration and excellent external views in patient areas; Careful acoustic design to minimise disturbances to patient areas; Use of environmentally friendly finishes (low VOC paints, carpets etc.); Designated areas of respite for patients and staff; Sky gardens will provide enclosed but naturally ventilated balconies for winter sun.
DesignInc is working on the new Royal Adelaide hospital project in a joint venture with Silver Thomas Hanley as sthDI.

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