RMIT School of Applied Sciences

Project involved the consolidation of Physics and the generation of state of the art Microscopy Suites aimed at high-end research. Limitations needing to be overcome revolved around existing building interference in terms of Electromagnetic Flux and its direct impact on the functioning of the Electron Microscopes used within the facility.

Redesign of the science-learning zone provides mixed-use Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) and informal learning spaces for the undergraduate science cohort.

Audiovisual cues and changes in furniture layout are used to help learners’ adjust their behaviour according to the purpose of each zone. The TEAL design aims to welcome and support all types of learners and promote different ways of learning through providing this diversity in the informal zone. The formal learning space is embedded with multi-access digital display screens to enable tutor-led or student-led learning activities.

The informal learning zone provides tables and furniture that echoes the sizes of the group work tables to encourage a continuation of academic pursuits which start within the formal space to spill-out and continue informally outside of scheduled class times. Technology has been integrated throughout both spaces in close consultation with end-users to ensure the final design strikes synergy with established pedagogic aims.



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