RMIT Biomedical Health Science Facility

The new Biosciences Building accommodates RMIT University undergraduate and research students at the Bundoora Campus. The building contains teaching and research laboratories over two levels with administrative and academic support services for each department.

The 160 metre long building is organised into seven modules that appear as complete two storey elements separated by large glazed light-wells. These light-wells separate each of the grouped laboratory spaces, drawing natural light into the heart of the building. Here informal gathering spaces are created for students, staff and researchers.

The use of various glazing systems adds a dramatic feature to this building. Constant bands of clear and white glass run continuously along all of the laboratory spaces that span the length of the building.

At each of the courtyards formed by the light towers, a cranked reflective glass screen reflects the ground in its upper portion and the sky in its lower portion. The inversion of the natural order creates the appearance of the adjacent green fields traversing the building.





2003 The Australian Institute of Building, High Commendation [in association with John Wardle Architects]

2002 RAIA, Victorian Chapter, Award for New Institution [in association with John Wardle Architects]

2002 RAIA Sir Zelman Cowen Award for a Public Building (National) [DesignInc in collaboration with John Wardle Architects]