RAS Showground Pavilions

Project was designed by Pavilion Architects, a joint venture consortium of DesignInc, Scott Carver & Timothy Court. The project comprises a total of 16 buildings with a total area of 75,000m2, covering approximately 40% of the showground site. The primary purpose of the buildings is to house livestock during the RAS Easter Show, an annual event of national significance. They have been also been used for indoor sports and as a key facility for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2000. The structures have incorporated innovations in the use ESD principles with the use of natural lighting and ventilation and the shape responds to the elements; fire, rain, air, sun and water.

Large chimney-like ducts made of light weight canvas hang from the ceiling in the centre of the major pavilions to establish a flow path for warm air to escape, drawing cooler air from the edge of the buildings to provide up to 15 changes of air an hour, entirely by passive means. The roofing design enhances natural lighting with north facing skylights, maximising sunlight and contributing to solar heating during the winter.


New South Wales

Olympic Coordination Authority


1999 RAIA, New South Wales Chapter, Environment Award

1999 RAIA Interior Architecture Award

1999 Energy Efficient Design, Ecologically Sustainable Development Award