Radiology SA Medical Diagnostic Imaging Centre

DesignInc was commissioned by Project Manager Trice, acting on behalf of Radiology SA, to design and document a new imaging facility at Dulwich. The 460sqm facility incorporates mammography, MRI, CT, x-ray, ultrasound and general consulting.
The facility is quite unusual as it is located within a new commercial building on the fringe of the CBD. This building was also designed and delivered by DesignInc.
The fit out has a lively, non-clinical feel, incorporating elements of the corporate branding and colouring in materials, finishes and fabrics. Specialist consultation was required with respect to shielding in the MRI suite. A ceiling mounted image panel was incorporated to act as a distraction for MRI patients.
The commercial fa├žade features extensive glazing, with exceptional views to the east parklands for staff and patients, whilst maintaining the required levels of privacy.
As the newest Radiology SA facility, and one of the largest, this project represents a new direction for this well-established business.


South Australia

Trice Pty Ltd / Radiology SA