Olympic Velodrome

The Olympic Velodrome is a landmark building in sports architecture and is recognised as the leading competition and training venue for track cycling. It has been awarded IOC/IAKS 2003 Silver Medal for Sport& Leisure Architecture and 2001 RAIA Award for Ecologically Sustainable Design, RAIA Merit Award for Architecture, BHP Colourbond Steel Design Award as well as 2002 Major Structures Design Award by the Australian Steel Institute.

The roof which is in the shape of a sea shell is one of the most efficient large span structures built to date, spanning 130m x 150m. This structure has also set the standard for Ecologically Sustainable Design in large buildings. The large indoor space of the Velodrome provides comfort conditions for 3000 spectators using entirely passive means. The innovative natural daylight and buoyancy driven natural ventilation system is practical for buildings of this scale and is fully integrated into the architecture.


New South Wales

Olympic Coordination Authority