Monash University STRIP Stage 2

Monash University Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Precinct Stage 2 is the next generation of research laboratory promoting social engagement and health within the workplace.

It was designed to accommodate 540 research scientists from the School of Biomedical Sciences and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute in 17,200m2 of flexible PC2 laboratory, office and social space housed over two four storey buildings linked by a public core. Flexible laboratories and support spaces form the research core linked by generous circulation ways, meeting rooms, breakout and gathering spaces, all designed to encourage interaction between individual research groups.

The research space is supported by core technologies of an animal research laboratory, centralized wash up, imaging, x-ray generation, centralized, hazardous and general stores.

The building is designed to be adaptable to almost any research group.

Sustainable design initiatives include north orientation, passive shading devices, careful material selection, a healthy internal environment using displacement ventilation by modular energy and water efficient integrated system. Careful service coordination allows for rapid future change and includes walk-in service risers, dedicated service spines and modular planning.

The internal environment benefits from natural daylight and a unique combination of fabric duct air distribution to laboratories, raised floor air distribution to offices, all tempered by a ‘batiso’ in slab re-circulating cooling system. Public and circulation spaces are focused around the 4 storey core and links, all of which are naturally ventilated.



Monash University


2009 Master Builders Association Victoria – Excellence in Construction of Commercial Buildings $30m-$80m