Monash University Menzies Building

The Robert Menzies Building, constructed in the 1960’s and designed by Eggleston Macdonald (now DesignInc), has undergone a major redevelopment to deliver a 40 year life cycle, incorporating emerging trends in education environment design. The existing structure and envelope has been rejuvenated to deliver a landmark internal teaching and academic collaborative environment that integrates the old with the new.

Stage One of the project saw the efficient circulation of people through the building provided by a new system of lifts and strategically placed open stairs. Improved comfort conditions are achieved by integrating passive and low energy servicing systems creating a healthy internal environment with flexible public and private spaces. Centralised meeting, collaborative and breakout spaces have created additional space for academic expansion. Also included in Stage One was the redevelopment of the ground floor foyer, new café, and links from the campus through to academic spaces via intuitive wayfinding ideas.



Monash University