MLC Science Precinct

MLC's Science Precinct affords the college a best practice teaching facility that accommodates the changing pedagogy of senior science. Two existing 1940's science buildings have been extensively refitted, to include an extension, connecting bridges and central circulation core. The extension adds both amenity via student and staff breakout areas, and access across the college via accessible pathways and an elevator.

In addition to the refitted Science buildings, the David Loader Centre was designed and constructed as a decanting building. Consisting of 6 flexible classrooms and staff offices, the building allows classes to be relocated during major building upgrades across the college, and allows for curriculum future expansion.

Being at the highest point of the college, the Precinct has unique views of Melbourne and the campus from staff offices, student independent study areas and the roof deck. The elevated nature of the Precinct has been capitalised on via a dramatic graphic screen visible from the main college entrance.



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