Melbourne Institute of Technology [MIT] - The Argus Building

The existing spatial quality of the 1920s Argus Building represented a unique opportunity to create a new landmark internal environment for MIT that equals the iconic street presence of the building.

Our vision for the exterior was to open the building to the street at ground level while restoring the fa├žade to its original symbolic Beaux-Arts style. Internally, a light filled juxtaposition of spaces were created that actively meet the social functions they carry.

It is a responsive design that gives focus to a diversity of uses and materials while integrating old and new. Textures and visual cues lead and stimulate where appropriate and create a hierarchy that takes human behaviour as the starting point.

The existing structure and space enables different size spaces and volumes to be incorporated. A mezzanine and triple volume breakout space combines with enclosed teaching spaces to create a state of the art active learning and research centre.



Melbourne Institute of Technology [MIT]