Melbourne Airport Baggage Carousel

Melbourne Airport was the first Australian airport to undertake works to accommodate the advent of the new Airbus A380 super jumbo aircraft. As part of these works Melbourne Airport elected to install a new baggage carousel that could accommodate the increased passenger numbers created by the A380.

DesignInc was commissioned to design an addition to the existing international baggage hall to accommodate the new oversized baggage carousel and associated support services. Following an extensive consultation process with Melbourne Airport the final design not only addressed all of the requirements of the airport but also created a new benchmark for future work at the airport.

The custom designed light fittings for example will now be adopted for other parts of the airport, the use of positive displacement ventilation in the hall has created a dramatic and appreciable improvement in air quality and lower running costs, and the use of graphics that are ‘Melbourne’ in flavour have found an echo in the new international departures area.


Melbourne Airport