Masdar Masterplan

The MASDAR Ecoport Masterplan is proposal for an eco- city situated along the coast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The new city aims to be exemplary in the harvesting and use of solar energy in all aspects of urban living.

The masterplan envisages solar collection on a scale that provides sufficient energy to fuel the living and working requirements of 60,000 inhabitants. The surplus energy produced would be stored and used as a tradable commodity. The concept of an eco-city operating sustainably through the production of energy and recycling of waste materials mimics the living systems in nature.

The urban design is conceived to promote pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation (including kinetic trams and light rail) closest to the city centre. Private vehicle use is supported for distances further afield via wider roads for vehicular access.

MASDAR Ecoport is an ambitious project with a clear goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and a world leader in solar energy harvesting.


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