Henley Residence

This is a modern house designed within the traditional Garden suburb of Hunter’s Hill. It is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2 study house, with an open plan living dining area extending onto decks which overlook a luxurious garden and the Parramatta River. Its expression is a solid response to Brick & Mortar constrcution while harnessing the essentials of waterfront living; including screening out of neighbours while framing views. Traditionally, the homes in the conservation area of Hunter’s Hill are brick constuction and present vertically scaled punched window openings and wrap around balconies. this cottage style building type was suitable for the summer months when the verandah as an extended living space did form a satisfying dialogue with the garden setting, except inadequately in the winter months. Verandahs became closed in to capture the warm winter sunlight.

In plan there are two volume masses separated by a large double height entry volume. This separates the main study from the kitchen, and the main bedroom suite from children’s bedroom. The entry hallway, two volumes, and overhead connecting bridge frame a vertical sliver of the Parramatta River and Jacaranda Tree. Passing through this space into the main living space, the sequence is transformed to a panorama of the river horizontally framed by the two outermost walls, timber wrap around decks, and the louvered overhead awning. The main study and the kitchen can be open or closed to this space with sliding glass doors. This gives the house a high level of openness and lightness allowing views while shielding the occupant from the adjoining propoerties. The finishes are very sensible and humble, yet detailed very neatly with minimal maintenance in mind.


New South Wales