Gunyama Park, Green Square Aquatic Centre Competition

This project was submitted to the City of Sydney for it's international design competition for the Green Square Aquatic Centre. Our entry is called The Dune.
The Dune is an elevated parkland which provides a place of respite away from the street and activities at ground level. The Dune links the roof of the Aquatic Centre support areas at the south-east corner of the site, over the roof of a separate Crèche and Café pavilion in the centre of the site, and continues to the roof of the Park Amenities building at the north-west corner of the site. A timber boardwalk ramps up to the elevated park on the west side, acting as a shade structure for the spectator seating area parallel to Joynton Avenue, facing the sunken Sports field.
Below the Dune Park are shaded areas for bathers and spectators, alfresco seating for the café, shaded outdoor fitness and circuit, outdoor play area for the crèche, as well as a skate park. A wetland is recreated on (or around) the future property at the eastern corner of the site, where an eastern access garden ramp passes over the wetland onto the Aquatic centre roof. The Dune Park is elevated by lotus inspired concrete columns decorated in public art.
On the Dune Park are planted gardens irrigated by the storm water runoff from the site. The playground is positioned on top of the Dune Park and is shaded by an extension of the main Aquatic centre roof. Other activities on the Dune Park are outdoor fitness and circuit, a protected fenced play area or dog park, and elevated observation areas into the Aquatic centre.
Parking is underground, and the Health and Fitness Centre are located on a mezzanine level above the wet change rooms.
A simple sawtooth roof runs parallel to the indoor pools. It is a monolithic interpretation of Green Square’s industrial past and crowns the Dune. The North western façade which faces the multi-purpose sports field can be used to project onto. The sports field can become a spectator space for community festivals.
As public open space becomes more constrained in Green Square, the clever use of trafficable roofs can offer more open space back to the public.
The large open space of the sports field acts as a village green and is positioned respectfully across from the old hospital buildings. This position also allows all of the open space to be unaffected by overshadowing from the tall Aquatic Centre’s Leisure Hall. This scheme proposes to challenge the 3 metre height control by positioning the Aquatic Centre on the east side of the storm water easement, which also allows the open space to be framed by the Aquatic Centre at the north end of Rose Valley Way.


Joynton Avenue

Green Square Sydney
New South Wales

City of Sydney