GP Plus Super Clinic - Modbury

DesignInc was engaged by DTEI and SA Health to deliver the Modbury GP Plus project. This project is comprised of two levels and 2,500 sqm of primary and allied healthcare. Designed in two stages, Stage One contains consultant rooms, procedure rooms and offices. The recently completed second stage includes GP and specialist consulting, physiotherapy, meeting rooms and a 14 chair dental surgery.

An open and collaborative process was undertaken with both the SA Health representative, and the user group representative to achieve the final design for Modbury GP Plus. A sloping site with two easements and a high car parking demand had to be taken into consideration within the final design. DesignInc aimed to incorporate natural light and views wherever practical and possible into this two storey design.

Both passive and active ESD measures are incorporated into the design; such as minimizing western glazing, rainwater harvesting, solar hot water, low embodied energy and low VOC material selections.


South Australia

DTIE & SA Health