Glenwood Community Hub

The main defining feature of the Glenwood Community Hub is the ribbon-like canopy which frames the entry lobbies as seen from the street. It ties the old and new parts of the facility together into one coherent identity.
DesignInc was engaged by Blacktown City Council design the expansion of their existing neighbourhood centre in Glenwood. The brief was to increase the Community facility from one community hall into a multi-purpose facility that could be used by 5 to 6 separate groups.
The urban outcome was to provide a fully accessible social ‘hub’, integrated into the streetscape, delivering a building the community would be proud of.
The facility caters for groups providing health and well-being support, recreation, business, cultural activities and learning facilities, in particular having a direct appeal to the families and youth of Glenwood. The multipurpose spaces are designed with the flexibility to accommodate the changing demographics of this area.
Much of the existing building was retained and integrated in the new facility with altered or new uses. The existing facility was kept operational for the duration of the build and then modified once the new facilities were available. The space between the new and old has been used as a connecting circulation spine which incorporates a café next to the main entrance and new function hall lobby.
The new works make good use of orientation, solar access and sun shading. Natural ventilation, performance glazing, and solar hot water are utilised to reduce energy consumption. Aspects of the building embrace landscape and integrated public art with a direct reference to the community.
The facility was designed within a strict budget and delivered on time.
Public arts: Nerine Martini, artist.



Glenwood Drive

New South Wales

Blacktown City Council