Glamorgan Centre

The new Multi Purpose Primary School building for Geelong Grammar is designed to enable and encourage a multi faceted, spontaneous process of learning, from open space general learning areas to music, art and science specialist areas.

Including a basement staff carpark, a 28m x 18m multipurpose hall with a 28m x 8m stage and outdoor undercover play areas this project provides the most advanced primary education facilities available.

The philosophy driving the design of this building is to create forms and spaces that respond to children’s needs both functionally and aesthetically.

Through the use of a variety of integrated orthogonal forms in a range of colours, transparency, textures and materials, the overall scale of the building has been broken down to “student proportions” both inside and out.

It is a ‘mini city’, providing inner city students with an appreciation of the best of multi level urbanism.



Geelong Grammar School