Flinders Street Station Competition

The idea for Flinders Street Station is a multi-level transport hub, providing cultural and community functions. The precinct includes a substantial commercial development, within an architectural language celebrating movement, the river, and the surrounding precincts, with a programme providing a re-invigorated working landmark for the 21st Century.
There are five visible building elements seen from the street. The existing Administration Building, the Platforms, the new floating Main Station Form (comprising rail, community and commercial functions), the Ribbon Roof over the new Station Hall, and the new building addressing Flinders Street which reflects the repetition and materiality of the heritage administration building.
These building elements are ordered around two converging circulation spines. One, a new extension of the Sandridge Bridge, connects Southbank directly up onto a central open green space surrounded by shops and restaurants, then directly into the new grand Station Hall. The second, is a new east west connection linking the station to the western commercial development through a new internal retail street south of the Administration Building.
The Main Station Form defines the southern edge of the Station precinct, a counterpoint to the Administration Building which defines the northern edge of the Station. The new design presents multi-level permeability for pedestrians using the station or passing through from Southbank.
The Station Form flows alongside of the Yarra River, ebbing gently as river mist, funnelling past the Sandridge Bridge, and billowing up at the west end of the site over the vaulted Banana Alley Vaults, where it rises and evaporates into the sky. As it rises, it reveals green luscious crevices and hollows within the building’s internal landscape. The floating form provides views in and out of the Station providing a canopy for the movement precincts below.



Flinders Street


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