EnPark Dubai

DesignInc Melbourne was engaged to develop a masterplan for a new mixed-use community in the Middle East, aimed at promoting sustainable living. The Energy and Environment Park (EnPark) will be developed on a 75 hectare area, and is located on the Dubai Outer Bypass Road, approximately 23 kilometres from the Dubai coastline.

Currently existing as arid desert land, the proposed major developments in this area will comprise an International City (north), Police Academy (east), Design and Engineering Park (south/west).The significant project of the Academy city also sits to the west along the Outer Bypass road. Hence the site presents an opportunity to provide a mixed-use transitional zone between the surrounding commercial developments.

The masterplan aims to create a comfortable, culturally and environmentally responsible environment in which to live and work.

The new development consists of green commercial office spaces; retail and boutique manufacturing facilities; showrooms for energy saving technologies; a choice of residential accommodation; green hotel and conference areas; as well as research and development facilities. Renewable water utilities, green transport, urban agriculture, drip irrigation, vertical planting concepts and seasonal crops are also anticipated.


Middle East