Deakin University Shared Laboratories

Located on Level 4 of Building Ka the Shared Laboratories project is the final commission of an ongoing campus building refurbishment originally commenced by DesignInc in 2004 with the Lab Tower Project and subsequently the Deakin Medical School completed in 2007.

The Shared Laboratories project delivers Deakin University with a series of advanced chemical and biological research laboratories and associated office and breakout areas. The laboratories are collocated and purpose built to encourage multi-disciplinary research efforts and exploit the potential of attracting research visitors.

The laboratory spaces have been designed as flexible models with services reticulated and suspended above benches allowing the furniture and equipment to be arranged according to the different researchers requirements.

The use of contrasting black and white throughout the project and splashes of rich saturated colour have been employed to create a sense of drama within the spaces and eliminate the clinical feel that is typically associated with laboratories.



Deakin University