Centennial Park Chapel Complex

The design brief called for three chapels of various sizes with accompanying undercover waiting areas, post-service lounges and a small administration area. The selected gently sloping site overlooks most of Adelaide from the hills to the sea.

The concept for the complex is based on the universal principle of enclosing the ’sanctuary-like‘ chapels within an outer and inner peristyle, in order to facilitate the transition from the outside world to the state of peace required for contemplation.

From the sheltered forecourt surrounded by flowers, people move into a large sky lit waiting area with panoramic views of the park and city. They then enter the appropriate chapel. After the service they leave the chapels by the side doors with the choice of meeting friends in the lounges or returning directly to the forecourt. The chapels, each with a distinctive form, rise up from the centre of the complex with classical character.

The entire complex has solid sandstone walls, chosen to provide the appropriate dignified character and to age well over the next 100 years. Materials and features used include traditional copper roofs, flagstone slate floors, bronze surfaced framework, stained glass windows, wisteria covered trellises and fountains. These have been used to enrich the experience, and create a sense of reverence required for this very personal community function.


South Australia

Centennial Park Cemetery