Blacktown Olympic Park Indoor Practice Centre and Amenities Building

In association with the AFL, Cricket Staduim project for Blacktown Olympic Park, this separate 100sqm Indoor Practice Centre also serve as less formal function hall with a second commercial kitchen, and ia adjacent to an Amenities Building with club room that will serve as the day-today practice facility.

Part of a simple group of 3 white buildings, each treated with a slightly different approach to wrapping, and enclosure.

The Indoor Practice Centre roof wraps over the north to the south, terminating at a low awning on the public side of the forecourt. This roof acts as a large archway which fully opens to the outdoor practice area to the west, and is also decorated with yellow, grey and white coloured panels. The east wall facing the stadium and change facility is illuminated by translucent polycarbonate walls.

These let in abundant natural light during the day and make the building glow like a lantern at night. This building is basically a decorated shed, fully ventilated naturally through the perimeter walls and the pop up clerestory skylights.

The Amenities building at Oval #2, consists of two small buildings which have roofs which fold out from each other like two gull wings. The gull wings opens out to oval #2. The roof design also floats above the masonry enclosures with continuous high level windows. The public forecourt side of the building has 5 tall poles which mimic the white light poles that surround the forecourt. These are fitted with banners to signify the ticket sales function of this building. This elevation is also decorated with yellow, grey and white coloured panels activating the public areas.

In addition to these three buildings, there are two entry gates which continue the theme with white wrapping archways, and are lined internally with bright yellow panels, completing the theme and journey of the visitors to the new sports venue.



Blacktown Olympic Park, Eastern Road

New South Wales

AFL, Cricket NSW, & Blacktown City Council

30 Mil