Blacktown Olympic Park AFL & Cricket Grandstand

After successfully completing the grandstand for the Blacktown Athletics Field last year, Blacktown Council invited DesignInc to tender for the new stadium and associated site works, including 2 sports ovals.

The brief was to design the new 1500 seat grandstand with the ability to expand to a 20,000-seat capacity in the future, and a 250 seat Function Room and kitchen.

In addition, DesignInc has also designed a series of players’ facilities and media offices, a separate 100sqm Indoor Practice Centre that can also serve as less formal function hall with a second commercial kitchen, and an Amenities Building with club room that will serve as the day-today practice facility.

The Masterplan also allows for a large pedestrian boulevard leading to the stadium’s main entry, as well as a future licensed venue and Club gymnasium.

The design concept is a simple group of 3 white buildings, each treated with a slightly different approach to wrapping, and enclosure.

The stadium wraps the perimeter oval #1 as it folds down over the 3 levels and the pedestrian circulation concourse, then folds again over the main entry arch, and function room kitchens. The folding, wrapping roof carefully reveals the yellow, grey and white coloured panels which line the active public areas.

In light of this modest budget, the design team focused first on quality viewing space, robust concrete tiers with folding seats, raw and durable, where-as finishes are elevated in the main public circulation areas around the main entrances and special function room. The simple corrugated iron forms and steel structure were utilized to make the most of the space by expressing these elements honestly. The organization of the venue is presented fully and easily at the entrance. Nothing is hidden. You can see on arrival where to buy food and beverage, where the amenities are, where the First Aid room is. This design principle helps keep the venue operating smoothly. The sequence of space was designed to heighten your experience as you move through the layers of the building. This planning organizes spaces in an effective and memorable manner while working within the existing building budget. At the ticket gate, you enter through white boxed arches lined in yellow panels. Then you move through the forecourt, up the main stairs and ramp, through the folding iron entry way with the green oval glowing in the view, heightened by the double height atrium over the concessions area, through into the tall colourfull double height concourse, then out to the seating areas.

The other two buildings in this complex are the Indoor Practice Centre and the Amenities Building.
In addition to these three buildings, there are two entry gates which continue the theme with white wrapping archways, and are lined internally with bright yellow panels, completing the theme and journey of the visitors to the new sports venue.



Blacktown Olympic Park, Eastern Road

New South Wales

AFL, Cricket NSW, & Blacktown City Council