Banrock Station – Wine & Wetland Centre

Banrock Station lies at the junction of Banrock Creek and the Murray River in the Riverland Region of South Australia. The Hardy Wine Company (now Constellation Wines) acquired the 1700 hectare property in 1994, and developed approximately 250 hectares of vineyard using state of the art viticultural management practices.

A cellar door sales, conference and interpretive facility was constructed on the property in late 1998. The building was designed to reflect the unique environment at Banrock Station and to further enhance the environmental credibility of the Banrock Station label. The building adopts Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) principals whilst maintaining a level of comfort and ease of operation comparable with what is expected from a ‘normal’ building.

At the time of construction, the project broke new ground for the inclusion of ESD principals into a hospitality venue.

Shading, massing, and access to daylight ensure the need for artificial lighting and temperature control is minimised. All key public areas are one room wide, thereby maximising the opportunity for cross ventilation.

A grid connected solar system provides much of the electricity requirements during ‘normal’ trading conditions, whilst any excess power generated is fed back into the electricity grid. All grey water filters through a grease trap and man-made reed bed system before being re-used for toilet flushing and irrigation.

Material selections were based on thermal performance and ESD life cycle costing principles. Steel is the skeleton of the building, chosen because the structural efficiency enabled the creation of the open, flexible pavilion required by the brief. The concrete floor and locally sourced rammed earth walling were selected for thermal mass.


Kingston on Murray
South Australia

Hardy Wine Company


2001 Civic Trust of SA Inc., Award of Merit, Buildings in their Settings

1999 RAIA SA Chapter, ESD: Commendation