Cabrini Paediatric Ward

The works included updating the interior identity of the department to provide unity and cohesion with the rest of the precinct while better aligning with Cabrini’s quality of care approach.

The new paediatrics department aims to diminish the appearance of clinical elements through introducing a softness and sense of joy while improving operational functions. Interactive elements offer a gentle distraction from clinical treatments and conditions while appealing to a broad range of user groups – from young children to teenagers, siblings and parents alike.

Considerations into user's preferences of environments and colour is taken into account including cultural, behavioural and cognitive conditions.


    Cabrini Health


    Malvern, Victoria

  • YEAR



    600 sq m



    Rohan Wilson

    Eness for the interactive light wall using LUMES 


    Haydn Cattach videography by Shannon Morris 

In developing a healing and nurturing environment for young patients and their parents, we consulted widely with staff and doctors, patients and their families. As well as the showpiece interactive art wall, the redevelopment involved:

  • Refurbishing existing inpatient bedrooms
  • Providing eight new assessment bays
  • Additional support functions such as utility, treatment room, pantry, staff bases and offices
  • Developing a new concept for material finishes and furniture, using interactivity to engage patients and visitors
  • Upgrading technology to include new patient care terminals, iPads and bedside, security and surveillance

In redeveloping our paediatric ward at Cabrini Malvern, we have introduced different technologies designed to engage, stimulate and entertain our young patients and provide a welcome distraction from the medical side of their experience with us. To enable this, we needed to use technology via control panels that would allow participants to easily navigate to the level that was appropriate to them.

Andrea Rindt, Cabrini Australia Nurse Director and Program Manager, Women and Children