Against the odds it is "Stacking Up" at the Peppers Hotel Kings Square Development!

Mar 21 2016

Against the odds it is "Stacking Up" at the Peppers Hotel Kings Square Development!

DesignInc is proud to be involved as part of the project team including Mode Developments, Hickory, PTI Architects, the consultants team and the Mantra Group in Perth's first tallest high rise prefabricated building.

In this post we note the contribution of the entire project team including the client and their financiers which are also critical to the delivery of this project. 

After almost four years of planning, DesignInc is performing the Superintendent role to oversee the installation of the prefabricated structural units which is currently underway on the Peppers Hotel Kings Square project.

A seventeen storey development, the Peppers Hotel Kings Square will form the northern entrance gateway to Shafto Lane which links Northbridge and the Perth City Link to the Perth CBD District.

The 4.5 star hotel comprises 120 studio apartments with Dining and Bar facilities and is situated in front of the recently opened Perth Arena. The project features a ground floor lobby and restaurant area with an exterior pedestrian arcade, which activates the iconic Shafto Lane. A function area on Level 1 overlooks the Perth Arena and the new Kings Square developments.

To allow for speed and overall economy of construction, DesignInc’s initial design concept contemplated the construction of the building using modular building systems. PTI Architects and the consultants team then worked with Hickory to develop the design and produced the construction documentation required. The building has been designed to be built utilising Hickory’s proprietary prefabricated structural building modules and patented Sync bathroom pods. This innovative and unique construction methodology helps overcome the difficulties of building on a very small and confined site and offers cost and substantial time savings by enabling the project to be completed in just 11 months.

The building will be cladded in prefinished aluminium panels and double glazed windows, with the striking glass façade on the Wellington Street end accentuated by white perforated sun-shade art screens to each of the 15 accommodation levels.

As a practice DesignInc engages Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) techniques where possible to help deliver quality buildings quickly and economically. As a prefabricated building, this hotel project embodies all the qualities of Lean Construction and a green and sustainable development.

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