2015 Victorian Architecture Awards: Regional Prize

Jun 27 2015

2015 Victorian Architecture Awards: Regional Prize

At the 2015 Victorian Architecture Awards, DesignInc received the Regional Prize for Ballarat Community Health Primary Care Centre.

The Regional Prize celebrates architectural merit beyond Melbourne’s growth boundary, while recognising the architectural impact on the social and economic outcomes of the region. It acknowledges ‘positive impact on the public realm through design’, and models for regional architecture.
Of the 18 entries eligible, the Jury visited 6 projects and shortlisted 3. Significantly the most successful projects all reflected a strong collaborative relationship with client and stakeholders, and a commitment to processes that result in the facilities being embraced by their local communities.

"The value of early interactive design processes with client and stakeholders is well demonstrated at the Ballarat Community Health Primary Care Centre, resulting in a rich and lively response to the diversity of community and health needs.
While the saw tooth roof form provides an identifiable silhouette to the local roads, its primary strategy is to maximize daylight and interior amenity, Beneath these roofs, simple and clear internal spatial organization is formed by a series of landscaped ‘streets’ and linked by a central day lit atrium.
Enriched with natural timbers, robust steel elements and glazed bricks, these indoor-outdoor spaces provide a lively and functional interior environment linking a variety of private and communal spaces. The constant links to interior gardens and voids combined with open stairs encourage positive community engagement. This combined with a more active and interactive workplace increases the overall wellbeing of all that engage with the Centre."

A proud achievement for a fantastic collaborative project!! Congratulations to the team, the client and consultants!!

Author: DesignInc Melbourne
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