Mar 02 2017

DesignInc Adelaide Expands Leadership Team

DesignInc Adelaide is proud to announce a number of recent promotions. 

Joining our existing leadership team of Peter Cove (Associate) Amy Merritt (Associate) and Ben Zoontjens (Associate Director) are new Associates Ben Luppino, Cheryl Vandenberg, Peter Hardy, Jennifer Drake and Craig Tonkin. 

The promotions will strengthen the Adelaide leadership team, enabling design and technical excellence through all stages of project delivery and across a variety of sectors. 


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Oct 11 2016

DesignInc Melbourne is proud to announce our 2016 associate appointments.

Together with fellow associates, Jane Sayers and Sonya Montgomerie, our associate team form a significant part of our leadership team. Each of them play a key role in our practice, enabling design excellence through all stages of project delivery and in a variety of project types. They bring a personal commitment to our practice vision; to make a positive difference to the health and happiness of people’s lives through the quality of every environment we create.


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